Friday, May 30, 2008


(On seeing sanyasins on the banks of the Ganges)

Oh! I am a widow no more
No longer do I wear the white
No longer is my forehead
Bereft of the vermillion
No longer am I weak
No longer am I meek
I am a pagli
Carefree, not careless
The world is at my feet
And so are its rules and bonding
I am a free soul
The ugly body I have is a veil
Of the beauty that I have within
I was a widow
I was married to a man
Now I am not
I am married to my Lord.


Aarefa Faridoon said...

Lovely Poem, the best part of it is its Simplicity.Keep it up! All the Best

Atri said...

Beautifully philosophic. Kudos.

Nalini Hebbar said...

The escape from bondage offered another type of bondage?...are they happy?