Monday, December 31, 2007

The Waves of Time

Floating in an engulfing ether
Drifting in a sea where
Yesterdays mingle with an ever present today
With waves helplessly dashing
Against tomorrows cliffs; spraying a mist
Of hopes that pervades long in the air
Like aftereffects of all this conundrum
Slowly the waves retreat, silently like past
And today’s waves throw them back
Like recollections remembered…..
A face, a moment of joy or pain
The souls just being tossed now and then
Here and there in this eternal confrontation
Of yesterdays and tomorrows
Here on the shores of today.

12th December 2007

The sun hasn’t stopped rising and setting
Stars twinkling, the moon waxing and waning
Ever since you left, Dad
Nothing has changed
Except everything.