Saturday, September 5, 2015

Aylan Kurdi

Do you belong to the sea,
Or do you belong to the land?
For you were found asleep
where the waves end up in sand.

Where did you come from,
where on the earth were you born?
Seeking peace in the turbulent waves
Your home, they say is war-torn.

Who did you look up to,
those who didn’t know even your name,
those who trade your kin for greed,
or those who play this beastly game?

Angel, you weren’t made for this world
For the lines drawn across our lands
Slice through our very hearts
Staining with blood their hands

You’re free now, unlike those hollow hearts
Fettered in merciless intents and feigning humane,
Alas, that refined world is too mute and dumb,
For they can’t feel the human pain

Your silence shall pierce through the noise
of cold hearted men, their machines, their halls,
whose fake justice camouflages their shadiness,
haunting ,ricocheting back from their walls.

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